The process of purchasing a piece of art from is unlike most online art galleries in that every sale
receives the personal attention of the artist herself, whether it be the purchase of a custom work or a giclee reproduction of an existing painting.

To see the vast array of paintings that Irina has to offer, visit one of our online galleries ( floral gallery, still life gallery, architectural gallery, nudes gallery, or custom commissions gallery). Click on the title of a painting to see a larger image of the piece, details about the work, matting options, and pricing information for both originals and prints.

To purchase a painting, simply click the price of the painting package that you are interested in. Most of Irina’s paintings can be purchased without matting, or with a choice of matting packages specifically selected by Irina. Clicking on the price will open the purchase email form.

On the purchase email form, simply fill in all the required information and submit the form. The information you provide will be sent directly to Irina. You will be contacted regarding the purchase after the information is received. The rest of the purchase process is completed through person-to-person contact.

Schedule a Personal Showing
If you live in the Washington DC Metro area, you can now arrange to have a personal showing of Irina's works. Contact the Artist to schedule your personal showing today!
Receive Updates
Are you interested in receiving email notifications when Irina posts a new work to the site or receiving updates as to her participation in exhibitions? If so, send her an email and let her know to include you on her mailing list.


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